--Ketika HIDUP memberiku seribu alasan untuk MENYERAH,,,engkau HADIR memberiku sejuta alasan untuk BERJUANg--
--when life gave me a thousand reasons to give up, you're present to give a milios reasons to fight--

Jumat, 11 April 2014

The King’s Ring (And this too shall pass)

The story is about a wise king who lived in long time. The king has a jeweler that he be proud because the goldsmith 's work is awesome.
once upon a time, goldsmith getting older and he wanted to resign from his job , the king agreed to the terms of the goldsmiths had to make a ring.
King advised "Write down a few words that represent the whole experience and journey of your life, so that it could be a lesson for my life"

One month of the goldsmith thought of the right words, and finally after praying, he handed it to the king's ring. Written in the ring "and this too shall pass", the king wondered why the writing was given.

One day, when the unfortunate king in his kingdom , he was confused and when he prays he read the writing on the ring given goldsmith. He became more quiet, as well as when he was having fun, he accidentally read it again, and the king was to be humble again.

This sentence if ponder sincerely will lead to a balanced life. No one is immortal . So , when you have a problem then don’t be too sad . and the otherwise..

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